Compete to be the best in a ferocious knife-throwing fight! Level up by pwning other people and use stat points to upgrade Health, Agility, Damage, Attack Speed, Projectile Speed, and Repulsor Field. Upgrade by selecting the tool that has the stat and using it. Use the Q key to dodge in the direction of the cursor. Use E to use the Repulsor, which will reflect all knives within a certain radius. Kills from reflected knives will count as yours. Health increases damage reduction, Agility increases dodge distance and jump height, Damage increases damage, Attack Speed decreases delay between attacks and allows you throw multiple knives, Projectile Speed increases the velocity of your knives, and Repulsor Field increases the strength and range of your repulsor while reducing its delay. THANKS to FriendOfClockwork for helping me make this place! Changes: Powerups removed. New Features: Repulsor Field. Let me know if there's any bugs in these new features.

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