💬 Fairway PLC is a large scaled Fictive Chain of Supermarket Stores based within the UK. This is our BRAND NEW Version 4 store with outstanding facilities to offer our shoppers. 

🔨 Want to see V3? 
📋 Become Staff - ⛴️ Join our Sister Company - 

☕ Join STEAM, Fairway's Coffee Chain - ☕ All Gamepasses are considered as donations and can be revoked. 

✅ - Credits
UhJose_ph - Lead Developer 
JettersAFC1 - Ex Project Manager 
BlueStarChase - Lead Scripter & BSI Engineer
MarbleWharf7313 - Asset Creator & External Contractor
DRS Systems - Technology Provider 
JSM Systems - Technology Provider 
Whitehill PLC - Automatic Door Provider 

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