Explore Equestria and roleplay as a pony or other creatures alike!

[Message From Our New Game Owner, thecopper(Cop)]: For those who are unaware, this game is under new management by yours truly! My aim is to revitalize this game and give it a brand new shining light for all those out there who wish to have an enjoyable MLP Roleplaying Experience! I also hope to give the old players, who are still committed to roleplaying in this game (Thank you so much btw!), a brand new, more detailed and beautiful experience! I hope you stop on by to give this place a shot and stay tuned for more updates in the future!

~Harmony Truly Is Magic!~

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If you wish to teleport to a city, like Ponyville, click the small map icon. If you like our game, please be sure to press the like button and favorite it!

NOTE: This is a legacy version of TPP, all assets were transferred with permission.


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