A game of Slender, has the standard objective of collecting all eight pages before he catches you. Sounds added, dynamic lighting.

Maps: Forest (The Eight Pages)
Lake (Custom map taking place at a lake)
Modes: Classic (Collect All Eight Pages),
Onslaught (Collect as many pages as possible in one try)
All VIPs sold in the in-game shop gui.

Updates: Lake map added
Updated Slender teleporting algorithm (please report glitches)
Updated map/mode selection
Walking sound glitch fixed
Endings fixed
Fixed infinite loop crashes
Added another sound

Coming Soon: Backpack (For items such as batteries)
Power Plant (Another map at a power plant)
Farm (Map taking place on a farm)

Please report bugs to me by pm.
Shutdown = Update.
Crash = Unintended infinite loop.

Debugging: If the Start button glitches, reset.

Controls: F = Flashlight (on and off)
Left Shift = Sprint (Stamina Limit Slowly Lowers)
Char Max Reached o3o

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This game does not support Private Servers.


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