💠Welcome to Flooptopia, the game that's Reimagining Creativity!💠

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♦️♦️ WHAT'S NEW  ♦️♦️
🚘 - Cars! Earn your driver's license by playing for 30 minutes and unlock the ability to drive cars around Flooptopia!
🏁 - Flooptopia Speedway, located in the hub! Race friends and drive laps to earn coins! 
🎮 - Improved controls and UI! You asked and we listened! 

 ♦️♦️ RECENT UPDATES  ♦️♦️ 
🎒 - Purchase the starter pack for EXCLUSIVE items not obtainable elsewhere!
🛍 - Purchase sacks to try and win EXCLUSIVE ITEMS!
🏠 - PLAYER ROOMS! Design and furnish your own room to share with friends!
🐠 - FISHING! Fish and talk with friends in the new hub activity!

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Developed by polarpanda16 and cowbear16.


There are currently no running experiences.