Appeal game:

/fixlighting,fl - Fixes the lighting
/exe,run (Code) - Runs the code
/startshutdownvote,startsdvote (Reason) - Starts the server shutdown vote
/mutesounds,ms - Mutes the sounds
/removeguis,rg - Removes gui from all players
/nomessages,nohints,nm,nh - Removes Roblox Messages/Hints
/killscripts,kscripts,ks - Kills running scripts
/resetmap,rmap,rm - Restores the map
/resetserver,rserver,rs - Resets the server
/respawn,reset,r - Respawns you
/refresh,rf - Refreshes you
/dummy,dum,d (Max number 25) - Spawns a dummy
/nodummys,nod,nd - Kills all the dummies
/fixview,fview,fv - Resets the view
/rejoin,rj - Makes you rejoin the server


There are currently no running experiences.