This is now a legacy place! Egg hats will no longer be awarded as the Egg Hunt 2017 event is now officially closed! The place will remain open for visitors. Parzi.

Original description:
Welcome to Egg Hunt 2017!

The legendary FabergEgg is missing! The menacing Dr. Deville d'Egg stole it and plans to use its infinite power to wreak complete and utter havoc across the Eggverse. It's up to you to find enough eggs to locate the mystery realm that holds the FabergEgg and overthrow Dr. Deville d'Egg's evil machinations. Join your friends and find at least 40 eggs to access the final realm. This area will contain the final Fabergé Egg. There's also 2 bonus eggs to collect by completing optional missions! Good luck, Egg Protectors!

Available on: PC, Mac, Xbox One, VR, Tablet, Mobile (Android and iOS).

Developed by the EBR Team:
DieSoft, Ravenshield, Fractality, BAUER102, Sofloann, Wuttah3ll, StuntDesigner, Resonating


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