Find The Skitty is a badge finding game about Skitty (Pokemon) where you adventure areas to try to find the badges. Currently, there are 140 skittys and 11 areas. There are a lot of puzzles and obbies in this game so be careful! This game is heavily inspired by Find The Chomiks and Find The Little Guys, so be sure to check those games too!

Credits To: 
- Hyuzo for making maps, badge placements, skittydex, and some scripting 
- kindaconfused for building, and making badge placements 
- Brad8968 for making button placements, sky obby, and jtoh kit
- CompressedNoobs for lighting system, running, suggestions. etc.
- EpicBluePerson for spider skitty, part of ruby skitty, lead dev, etc.
- Sub, Nooberr, and Cloudy For helping
- Find The Chomiks and Find The Little Guys for inspiring me
- Everyone who made skitty arts and areas in the disco server
- Everyone who gave me suggestions
- Everyone who donated
- Jtoh Kit
- Nintendo Sprite of Skitty, Shiny Skitty, and Template


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