🌌 Anime Universes have collided forming one big Multiverse🌌
Only few remain in the aftermath of the collision, who or what could of caused this?

🗺️Explore each world and rescue the souls of many characters
🔀Use 3 different characters to switch with to fight
⚔️Fight powerful bosses and discover the one pulling the strings
🔥Power up the souls you obtain and use them against the enemy

-This game uses new interesting mechanics...
>Up to 3 Characters You Can Switch Between seamlessly
>Mana System
>Special Character Ultimates

Latest Update: Skill Tree System expansion, New Dungeons, New Characters!
This game is brand new, request suggestions, balance changes and be a part of the development! We love character suggestions!

(AGS Team)
Developer: Magicmage12345 🔧
Big Thanks: All the staff team! ⭐

New Code at 5000 Likes!
-Find codes by joining our community!



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