🔥 Welcome to YEET Legends! 🔥
Now with Rebirths and Ranks! 🌌

Use code "20KLikes" for in-game coin boost! 🤩
👍 Next code at 30K likes!! 👍

YEET your way through noobs and monsters 🎾💀
Buy better epic weapons ⚔
Launch yourself into the stratosphere 🌌🛰
Explore and discover all the islands 🏝

The game is in early access / beta, expect bugs to occur 🐛
Make sure to join the community server to connect with other players, and share your ideas or bugs you've gotten or found 😄💬

👍 If you enjoy the game and want more updates, make sure to like it 👍😄
If there is something you don't like, let me know!

Recent update changelog:
- Updated GUI!
- Rebirths!
- Ranks!
- Bug fixes!
- Enabled Bubble Chat
- Enabled Spatial Voice


There are currently no running experiences.