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Update Log (V3.1.1):
- 🤩 VIP Items expanded
- New basketball island near kitchen

Update Log (V3.1.0):
- GYROSCOPE UPDATE! On mobile devices, your roblox camera moves as you move your device in real time. (Can disable at any time!)

Welcome to the Original VR Without Headset! Here you can actually experience Virtual Reality without even paying for a headset! Yes, you can pick up things, play with your hands, and much more!

>> Game is currently in WIP, this is obviously not the final product, many things will be added and changed! <<

Remember to set the graphic quality high for far away parts to load!

PC Controls:
Left Click - Grab
E - Wave
Q - Point
R - Applause
T - Thumbs Up
F - Heart
G - Thumbs Down

Mobile players will have buttons instead.

This is the Original VR Without Headset, The project started on April 2020 and this is the last and third version.

Tags: VR, VR Without Headset, Realistic Hand RP


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