New hard map: Quiet Haze by @Random_1995!
New impossible map: Impossible Tower by @qoaza!

A soft launch for pro servers has come to Lava Run, allowing players with over 150 wins (might change) to play in a server with no easy maps! Soon it will be hard and *impossible* 👀 maps only for pro servers!

🔥 Lava Run is a simple fast-paced obby game where your only goal is to reach the end of the map and avoid the rising lava at all costs. The Lava will instantly eliminate you the moment it touches your Torso.

✨ Collect and earn coins to customize your character with in-game trails, titles, effects, and more!
🏃‍♂️💨 Race your friends to find out who's the best!
🕒 Grind maps for the fastest times possible!

Game by Secret Formula


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