Brookhaven 🏡RP Zombie Invasion is a survival/fighting game where your objective is to kill the zombies by teaming with with other survivors, or become the zombie and chase the players! Try to be the first one on the leaderboards ! 

🔥 Make sure to leave a like to encourage us!🔥 
👍 NEW CODE AT 50K! 👍 
⭐ Join StonksIndustry's group to get +15HP and access to a special area with cosmetics! ⭐ 

Premium Users Get : 
-Special Golden Weapon ! 
-Extra HP
-Jump Boost and Faster WalkSpeed ! 

🔔 Follow and Favourite for game updates! 🔔 
📱 Join our medias too for special infos, events and sneaks ! 📱 

Brookhaven 🏡RP
Brookhaven RP
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