Hey there Project Zorgo Recruit! 
This is it The Project Zorgo secret Private Sever dont tell the spy ninjas!
Before you enter, you should know - the missions on this server are very dangerous!

If you think you have what it takes, come in and sign up as a new Project Zorgo Recruit and help us stop Spy Ninjas from Stoping us do our missions!

Once you join, you will train to upgrade your character, help us defend hack into  'The Safehouse' to stop them from stoping us from hacking roblox and youtube and compete against your fellow PZ Memebers in a PvP arena so you can hone your skills.

We are still trying to hack the rest of the server, so help keep the Black Pryimad Safe and block the terminals up and running so we can reach There house in our server!

Join our group to give feedback or comments on this experience:!/about  


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