made this game while learning how to script. it's old now. either way, appreciate the love, enjoy!

Highly recommended you play with friends.

This game contains Jumpscares, Sudden and Loud noises, Flashing lights, and content some players might find disturbing.

WASD To move
Shift to sprint / Double Tap to sprint on Mobile / L2 On XBOX
Click to open doors / Interact with items

Want a stronger flashlight? Join my group!!/about

You fall asleep and find yourself in a warped reality crossing the lines of life and death. Stuck in a different reality filled with many types of creatures. Being unable to determine what's real and what isn't anymore, you venture out into the world to find answers, and to find a way out.

Tags: Horror, Terror, Computer, Raining, Scary, Spooky, Simulation, Monster, Sleep, Escape, Horror game, Scary game, VOID, void


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