If you cannot launch the game due to low memory, try closing apps running in the background!

You can find Chomik Marker here! If you are lagging, the game is likely loading. Please wait for everything to load, then the game will stop lagging.

A modern take on roblox "Find the Badges" Games! There are many different types of chomik. Each one you find will award you a badge.

The game gets really difficult past a certain point, you can use video tutorials if you're stuck!

There are 18 custom areas, as well as a few realms which provide a bigger, more open place to search!
Refer to game title for the current number of badges, and don't worry, there will be more!

[NOTE]: Buttons don't save but chomiks do!

Find the Reggies -
Find the Little Guys -
Find the Ducks -
Find the Markers -


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