Dogfights: Spitfire V vs ME 109 [Updates Soon]

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The first dogfight game in the new series Dogfights. Its only a begining to the series so dont expect this to be all of dogfights. __________________________________________ Spitfire V: The Spitfire V is an improved spitfire with more manuverability and speed. An amazing submarine fighter for the RAF helped defeand its homeland from German bombers. __________________________________________ ME 109: The ME 109 was an excellent example of German air superiority. This was the most comon plane used by the Luftwoffa in WWII. It was used to intercept bombers most of the time. This plane also was used for suicide intercepters as in, crash into enemy bombers and hope you live. Sounds crazy but the pilots 1/3 of the time lived to everyones suprise. __________________________________________ WWII Aviation: Every plane has its stories. The P-51 being an incredible escort fighter in WWII. The F-16 was a hudge leap into th modern dogfight. A German tri-plane used in WWI had it

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