This is a new side game developed by Cube studios. it's built on old arcade racing games. as of right now the game is in development and not all features are finalised.

Please note that this game is in testing, please expect bugs.

Poly GT has been updated to V0.3.0.1
- Added a Hub 
-you can access all games via the Hub 
- Added a new Menu in game that lets you go back to hub or play the game
-2 New maps "Industrial Park" and "Outback Circiut"
-Added 4 new cars  
-1970 Nikuno 480Z
-1970 Nikuno 480Z rally spec
-1984 Henry RX2OO
-1990 Matsuda XR17
-Retuned the 2014 Lota SS7
-Added lap counter and lap times to all tracks
-You can access lap time menu via "G"


There are currently no running experiences.