[!] Don't expect updates to be fast, I still have to deal with school and other problems. [!]

[!] This game is built around PvP. Expect to get attacked randomly. [!]

Combat Mayhem is a chaotic fighting game with an emphasis on "Mayhem". Jump into the battlefield with a weapon and some magic, and see how long you can last against the world and its warriors. You'll need to use anything that's available to survive and prosper.

WASD / Space - Move / Jump
Q - Dash
Shift - Sprint
Alt - Shiftlock (required for combat)
Left Click - Melee Attack
Right Click - Special Melee Attack
Z, X, C, V - Abilities
G - Ultimate Ability
R - Carry downed enemies
B - Execute downed enemies
Space/Ctrl - Swim/Fly up or down

[!] This game requires a strong computer and good internet connection to play.


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