🐴Update: Stable Island Pt. 2🌾
• New barn & pasture upgrades!
• You can now place Décor on your island!
• Check out Indiana's Island Décor on Mainland to purchase Décor
• Loads more!

🦄Unicorn Academy Event🦄 
• You've been invited to attend Unicorn Academy - accept the magical invitation and head over to Unicorn Island!
• For a limited time only, collect all six unicorns & much, much more on Unicorn Island!

Capture wild horses while exploring the massive open world of Wild Horse Islands! 🐎
❤️ Bond with your horse and train it to be the best on Wild Horse Islands. 
🤝 Trade anything you'd like with your friends and compete with them in equestrian events. 
⛏️ Collect materials to craft new tack for your horse and lassos to capture better horses. 
❓ Complete quests to level up faster and unlock special items 

• All horses can be found in the wild or purchased for Tokens. No horses are robux only!
• Wild Horse Islands is created by Fm_Trick & Kavelleri - Released December 23rd, 2021


There are currently no running experiences.