Digital Monsters: A thrilling Digimon-inspired combat RPG!

🌍 Explore vast lands.
🦖 Collect 350+ monsters.
💪 Battle epic foes & treasure hunt.
🤖 Roleplay as creature or trainer.
🏆 Upgrade, strategize, conquer.

🎃 LIMITED EVENT: Halloween contents are now accessible for EVERYONE!
🌟 UPDATE [1.83]! Meet Barbamon X and snag its Mutant skin FREE! Limited offer.

PC CONTROLS: Dash [Q or E + WSAD], Double Jump [DOUBLE SPACE].


🎖️ ROBLOX PREMIUM: 200% boost.
🎖️ Group Members: Extra 100%.

👍 At 60K likes OR 300K favs: NEW code!
🔐 CODES: Likes50k, Favorite200K.

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