⭐️ LIMITED: Purchase the limited pack from Chaosdramon X NPCS in File City to instantly unlock an enhanced Chaosdramon X & Chaosdramon!
⭐️ HOW TO TRADE: Trade with players via typing in chat :TRADE [PLAYER] [TARGETITEM] [TARGETAMOUNT] [GIVENITEM] [GIVENAMOUNT]. 1 data of the higher tier is equal to 5 data of its previous tier.

⬆️ Level up and collect epic drops to automatically upgrade your character.
⚔️ Fight strong enemies and collect rare loot from treasure chests.
⏯ Roleplay with your friends in the simulator open world of Digimon.
🐰 Collect, become and evolve cute pets into legendary monsters.
🦄 Ride epic mounts as a tamer. Tame a pet/monster in roleplay.
🗺 Explore the Digital World and discover mythical treasure chests.
🗡 Cooperate with friends and defeat the world boss to earn amazing rewards to mutate your pets.


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