⚔️Duke it out against your friends in this revamped arcade fighting experience! 
💥Over 100 unique classes to choose from with buffed movesets and tweaked abilities! 
🏆Equip unique titles that show off your accomplishments and mastery of the game!

Developed by: 🛠️JuleszXL, 📝RoyalTHEUSERNAME, 📝SurefireSelves, 📝Glel6677, 📝oNoodle, 📝EssentiallyDragon
Additional Credits: 🎨kandezii, 🎨DoctorKaibotsu, 🔨BenTGP2, 🔨ii_rqndy, 🔨iiFlyingWontonNoodle, 📝rider286,
Based on the game Melee Mash made by rider286
Map Credits and Model Credits can be found in game!

Huge thanks to the Mega Strike Developers for many of the features added to this update!

Thank you to all the testers! Couldn't do it with


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