🐀 Use the code "RAT" and LIKE the game for a FREE PET!

Welcome to 🛸UFO Simulator!  Use your 🛸UFOs to abduct characters and collect 🎩Hats!  Open eggs to unlock rare 🐶 pets that can be upgraded and leveled up!  Upgrade your UFOs and Rebirth to become the strongest 👽Alien in the game!

Complete worlds to upgrade 🧪Gem Labs and collect 💎gems which can be used to get some gamepasses and boosts for FREE!  The Gem Shop is located in the last zone of the Home World.

💰 Join the group "FutureWeb Games" for the free bonuses! 💰

This experience may include paid advertisements that are labeled as "Paid Ads" and use assets from @AdvertUploader.


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