🌲Greenlands Obby

🌲Greenlands Obby is a fun game where you test your obby skills! Race with your friends in the maps, speedrun the towers, participate in events and more.

Maps- Walk straight to a portal that flashes mint green light. You will be able to play the maps there! Currently there are 2 of them but we will add more maps in the near future

Towers- Right Hand side of the maps portal is the portal that will allow you to play the towers! There are 3 towers at the moment. 
2 of them are mini towers and 1 of them are Medium sized towers! Make sure to play them and we will add new towers in the near future!

You may find bugs and issues in the game. Report them as soon  as possible. You can either contact the developers or the owner himself.

If you enjoyed the game be sure to leave a like and favorite it!
Thank you for playing the game!


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