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Warning: This game is difficult.

Account must be at least 2 weeks old to play!

💸You can get money by robbing Safes, killing NPCs or getting a job.
💥Most small structures like the streetlights, fire hydrants, and trees can be damaged with any gun or melee.
🪓You can gather wood from the fallen trees and use to barricade certain places
🏠Customize and build your own home
💪Get bigger or smaller at the gym
🕵Explore and discover secrets

Basic Controls:
Hold down to charge your melee attacks.  Max damage when the fist glows.
E, Stomp | G, Carry | Q Mouselock (must have mouselock active)
F, Block | Ctrl, Crouch | Shift, Run

Green bar is your health.  Yellow bar is your stamina.
💫Means you're knocked out, stomping someone knocked out will damage them
⚠️Means you're down, stomping someone down will kill them
☠️Means you're dead

Game similar to Da Hood, Criminality and aspects of Ohio.


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