🎃A Horror Game/Experience 🎃

Use Code 'NewLobbySweet' for 50 coins

📝Recent Updates📝
- NEW Game Engine with many new features!
- COIN and SHOP system(Chapter 2 only)
- Equip items that you can take into the Game with you!
- Performance Optimizations
- Added Halloween Event in Lobby

Experience the Next Generation of Roblox Horror with all of your friends! After the long wait, it has finally arrived!

Enter the world of Frigid Dusk where the icy winds will chill your soul! Years ago, a team of scientists developed a mutagenic bio-agent into an unstoppable weapon. Now it's been stolen and the fate of all humanity rests in your hands. Join your friends to retrieve it before the horrors are unleashed!

- PC
- Mobile
- VR - Chapter 1 Only

 - Fancy Graphics appear when Graphics Setting is set to at least 4.
 - High Brightness (game is dark)
 - Slightly Lower Volume


There are currently no running experiences.