👻A horror game/experience👻

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❄️Enter the world of Frigid Dusk: Where the icy winds will chill your soul! Years ago, a team of scientists managed to develop a mutagenic bio-agent, and turn it into an unstoppable weapon. Now, someone has stolen it, and the fate of all humanity rests on your shoulders. Join up with your friends to retrieve it before the horrors are unleashed!❄️


- Join into a lobby with up to 8 people and have fun
- Create a solo lobby for an extra challenge
- Relax in the lobby and hang out with your friends, or meet new people.

- PC
- Mobile
- VR (supports SteamVR, and Oculus Quest through SteamVR)

 - Headphones
 - High Brightness (game is dark)
 - Slightly Lower Volume

Tags: Horror, Scary, Jumpscare, Multiplayer


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