TW: Elements of dreamcore and weirdcore, with aspects of traumacore. 

!! NEW BIG UPDATE - Jan 2024 !! ❥ Added VR support ❥ NEW Nightmare Entity Education Room - Located past the white/blue Painting/Play Area ❥ Added 2 NEW custom songs to the soundtrack ❥ Added all Fanart Contest 3.0 winning entries ❥ Added all Emote Contest 3.0 winning entries ❥ ADDED NEW MERCH TO STORE ❥ AND MORE!

Welcome to Critterspace. You're not sure how you got here... and for some reason you're not sure if you want to leave.

Critterspace is a weirdcore/dreamcore themed roleplay/exploration experience.  Please be kind to other rpers, and keep RP content within Roblox TOS.

...Do you remember who you are?

Keywords: weirdcore, rp, roleplay, dreamcore, traumacore, hangout


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