TW: Elements of dreamcore and weirdcore, with aspects of traumacore. 

Welcome to Critterspace. You're not sure how you got here... and for some reason you're not sure if you want to leave.

- Critterspace is a weirdcore/dreamcore themed roleplay/exploration experience.  Please be kind to other rpers, and keep RP content within Roblox TOS. 

!! Playplace Expansion 2.0 Update !! 
❥ NEW rooms (playplace extension, jumping castle room, ???), NEW food items & NEW music
❥ Playable tic tac toe boards
❥ Musical rainbow bridge
❥ Winning entries of poster contest scattered across the walls of Critterspace 
❥ Changed trampoline script to feel more bouncy
❥ Added more fanart, & more!

...Do you remember who you are?

Keywords: weirdcore, rp, roleplay, dreamcore, traumacore, hangout


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