🖨️ Welcome to Printing Simulator, Use code Release for gems

⚡ Use code "Likes2750" for gem and cash boost.
⚡ Next code at 3500 Likes!

🐉 Fantasy Update!🐉
-🏝️ New Fantasy Island!
-🐾6 New pets!
-🥚 New Fantasy Egg!
-💎 New Op gem pet in offers!
-🖼️ 18 New Pictures to print!
-🖨️ 9 New Printers
-⚙️ Buffed Robux Pets!
-🔼 More Upgrade levels!
-🔼 More Ranks!
-🔼 Loading screen improved!

🖨️ Use your printer to print different pictures and gain cash.
💵 Use your cash to upgrade your printer, buy different pictures, and rank up.
✨ Defeat the boss for gems.
💎 Use your gems to get upgrades and pets.
⛽ Upgrade your Jet Fuel to climb higher and reach other islands.
🐾 Buy pets to help you gain stats faster.
🗝️ Join Ziad Games for an exclusive group chest 🗝️

🧡 Made with love by TheSunBeside (Sun).


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