Welcome to the official roblox game for the Sequester Manor Movie.

💰Collect Daily Rewards
🔍Find Hidden Social Codes
🧭Exlpore The Map
💬Talk to the Characters
🎮Play Minigames
and more!

🖥 Desktop/Laptop
Sprint {Hold Shift}
Crawl {Toggle C/cmd⌘/ctrl}
FreeCam {Toggle F/⇧+P}
Interact {Click}
🎮 Controller
Sprint {Hold L3}
Crawl {Toggle B}
FreeCam {Toggle DPadRight}
Interact {Trigger}
📱 Mobile
Sprint {Hold Button}
Crawl {Toggle Button}
Interact {Tap}

All Music used in this game has been composed by IncredibleTeamAidan and is allowed to be used in monetized content.


There are currently no running experiences.