► The Construction Site was replaced by the Apartment Building 🏙️ 
► You can now rent apartments 🔑
► Small script & city changes 🛠️

Welcome do Developer Inc. 🖥️
▸ Start your own IT company, expand it and become the best entrepreneur in the city! 🤵
▸ Work as a programmer, a technician, a marketer & more. 💼
▸ Develop your own games and devices. 📈
▸ Invest in Bloxcoin or other assets. 💸
▸ Get cool cars, boats & houses. 😎
▸ Explore the city full of beautiful and interesting places! 😍

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❗ NOTE: Developer Inc. is a large game, so it may have some performance problems on slower devices. If you experience this, we recommend lowering the quality of the graphics.


There are currently no running experiences.