Are you ready to become the strongest of them all?

Break Through Walls --> Reach World Borders --> Teleport To Higher Worlds --> - Collect Power Ups Hidden Behind The Walls --> Feed Your Mythical Pets And Evolve Them --> Become Stronger --> Do You Desire To Protect Or Destroy, Take Your Sides!

- Experiencing lag? Turn on ‘Fast Mode’ in settings
- Punch terrain walls to gain double the amount of power!
- Become stronger to create bigger punch explosions!
- Train in higher worlds to gain more power!
- Higher worlds have denser terrains causing your area of explosion to be reduced!
- Upgrade Punch Multiplier to train faster!
- Damage done to stronger heroes will reflect back upon yourself!
- Choose to attack only good/bad heroes in settings to prevent unwanted reputation losses!


There are currently no running experiences.