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How to play Bed Wars: 
📡 Press the "Play" button in the Lobby to find a game 
🛌 Protect your bed. Once it's gone, you can no longer respawn! 
💎 Gather resources to purchase items and team upgrades 
🏹 Destroy enemy beds and eliminate players to win the game! 

🎮 Dive into over 10+ thrilling modes like Bed Wars, Lucky Block, SkyWars, Infected, and more!
✨ Explore and craft your own games in Creative mode with optional scripting support! Let your imagination run wild!

Controls (Customizable): 
[Shift]: Sprint 
[E]: Open Inventory 
[H]: Drop item 
[G]: Ping
[TAB]: Open scoreboard 
[Ctrl]: Lock camera 
[T]: Use Emote Wheel
[F1]: Toggle picture mode 

✌️ Easy


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