- Added button next to the TextBox to help mobile players see the word when they're typing due to Roblox shifting the UI when the box is focused.
- 4 months after, finally new update. 
- Re-structured the messy game code.
- Servers still use a word api but 150 words per server this time.
- UI is touched up.
- Custom leaderboard implemented
- Stats implemented, can check every player's stats through the leaderboard. Whoever is in your server at least.
- Placeholder for Duels implemented. Soon you'll be able to 1v1 someone in a spelling match.
- Deleted points, replaced with stats.
- Practice mode: self explanatory. 1 minute to spell as many words as you can.
- XP system soon.

"Quick! Spell" is a prototype game that I made in my spare time, therefore it's not meant to be anything serious nor successful.

How do you play it? Simple, just type the words you see at the top of your screen as fast as you can. 


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