New Referral Friend Program!
New Deathmatch Gamemode! Use Code : DeathmatchLive
New DeathValley Map!
Massive Optimization! Use Code : BetterFPS

🔥 Use "Battle25k" and LIKE for a WOODEN CHEST in game! Next code at 👍 35K!

🏹 Welcome to Ballista!🏹

⚔️ Fight alongside your friends and allies in EPIC BLOX BATTLES!
🛡️ Get battle ready with an arsenal of historical weapons and gear!
🎩 Special bucket helmet ONLY DURING ALPHA!
👑PRIVATE SERVERS with custom controls!

👋 Join our community and invite friends for tournaments, sneak peeks, and more! Find us: @supersocialplay

- Complete extra challenges for BONUS chests
- Earn FROSTY WINTER GEAR before they are gone
- Premium benefits: 2x daily login rewards

👑 Creators
ThePoinball (
MetaProx (
Sleitnick (

Ballista is a Supersocial Labs experience.


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