⚠️ WARNING: This game is in HEAVY Beta, expect bugs and unfinished features. report bugs to the community server and they will be fixed ASAP.

👋 Welcome To Freddy's After Hours! (NEW CODE AT 1000 LIKES)

🔈 This is a Multiplayer FNAF VS GAME, play as animatronic, or security guard, Evade/Survive the night/Jumpscare the guard/Chop the animatronics

✨ Unlock cool skins for characters.

🎁 Premium Players Receive: Lefty Freddy Exclusive Skin, Extra Tickets, Extra Remnants | Group Members Receive Extra Tickets and Exclusive Gamer Freddy Skin,


Credits to Scott Cawthon for the creation of the original "Five Nights at Freddy's" media franchise.

Tags: FNAF Murder Mystery 2 Five Night's At Freddy's Freddy's Forgotten Memories Survive The Animatronics Freddy Chica Foxy Bonnie Roleplay Scary Horror Action Thriller Jumpscare Minigame Fnaf World Undertale DDLC Location Ambient Anime 


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