Dig up the ground and sell it to buy better gear!

Update: New XP system:
📈 Digging now levels you up to dig faster!
📈 Max level can "Rebirth" for an extra +5 levels 
(Level rebirth not the same as chapter rebirths!)


All players get a free +25 Inventory to hold all the new pets!
🦜 Parrot Added - Launches you skyward
🦝 Raccoon Added - Tanooki Raid Ultimate Summon
🐸 Frog Added - Frog Stomp Ultimate Summon
🐄 Cow Added - Super Dig Faster - Dig faster for longer
🐱 Farm Cat Added - Fetch Items
🐔Chicken and 🦆 Duck added - Lay Prize Eggs!
Exotic Radish and Exotic Ice-cream truck powers updated!
Two new Limited Pets (Unicorn and Donut balloon)


There are currently no running experiences.