____💡 UPDATE 21 💡____
🏥 Is your pet not feeling well? Take it to Topia Vet for treatment!
🐑🐘 More pets have joined us, with more ways to interact with them!
🌈 Like painting houses in your own way? The colors now persist!
😀 New emojis added - they are cute!
🛠️ Optimizations including building process, loading screen, and general performance.

📝 More details in the patch notes:

_____🎈 Welcome! 🎈_____
βœ”οΈ RP! Choose your own roles, outfits, and jobs to roleplay!
🏡 Own houses and vehicles in the city! Boating and flying!
🐱 Play with other people and unique pets!
🧐 Find secrets in the place!

_____🔥 Lovetopia 🔥_____
Thumbs-up 👍 and Favorite ⭐ if you enjoy the game and Follow 🔊 us to get timely updates! 
👍 400k likes to unlock the Panda Outfit! (unlocked)
👍 450k likes to unlock the Delta Wing Glider!

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