══ UPDATE 37 ══
(1/18) New house unlocked!
(1/16) Fixed a bug that sometimes toolbar and setting menu do not work.
☕ Enjoy nice warm drinks at the All-New Topia Café, or become a barista, making your own one!
🤝 Miniature trading is now available. Expand your collection!
💼 New Miniature category: Career Set.
✈️ Aviation Pass updated with a new house and a quadcopter!
🧐 More Livetopia secrets...

🎭 RP! Choose your own roles, outfits, and jobs to roleplay!
🏡 Own houses and vehicles in the city! Boating and flying!
🐱 Play with other people and unique pets!
🧐 Find secrets in the place!

📝 Changelog:

══ L❤️VETOPIA ══
Please thumbs-up 👍 and favorite ⭐ if you enjoy the game.
👍 600k likes to unlock Go-Kart! (unlocked)
👍 650k likes to unlock crutches!

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