In this game, you fight monster titans, make squads with friends, and prestige to the highest ranks! However you must careful with maintaining your progress, as you will face various difficulties throughout this game. This game is not easy to the common player, you have been warned! (Permadeath Attack on Titan game. This means that you will lose progress upon death.)

2x Mod Drops and 2x Accessory Drops on the weekends!

[ Controls ]:
WASD Keys for PC
W- 2x W and hold down to sprint.
F - Draw Blades.
R - Reload Blades.
Q - Left Grapple.
E - Right Grapple.
A - Left Drift.
D - Right Drift.
Spacebar - Boost.
H - Opens flare GUI.
M1 - to swing/slash.

/e ease
/e salute
/e kneel
/e devote
/e sit1
/e sit2

Check out the trello in the server link below to find controls for particular mod interactions.
XBOX compatibility! 
Settings are located in the bottom right, tweak accordingly.


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