It's been a long journey but it's time to move on away from this project after 3 years. I failed to make a perfectly decent FNF roleplay.  The destruction and mistakes I've made are unfixable and there's no point spending another year fixing every problem I've gave it.  I made this project when my friend known as Shabeo introduced me to FNF, it was really interesting at first but the deeper I've got, the more it was slowly fading.
It was amazing for you all to be part of this community and I hope to see you all again another time.

- Credits to ninjamuffin99 PhantomArcade } Newgrounds + Mod creators themselves too!)
tags: funky, fnf, friday, affnfrp, roleplay, rp funky friday, funk, night
huggy wuggy fnf is real guys!!1

become literally fnf

(concert sans was here :troll:)
hi!! - sobbe


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