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Welcome to Musket Testing created by trumma. Credits to cooldeath and PXD. Musket Testing historical sandbox feel to do what you want. Now with voice chat enabled. 

Press ` to see more tools. Press the "Customize" button in the top left to change outfits.

See available nations and updates here: 

==Cannon Controls== 

1. Swab the cannon. 
2. Take a round shot, canister or blank from the ammo box. 
3. Click the barrel of the cannon to put it in. 
4. Swab the cannon. 
5. Click the knob to man the cannon.
6. Use W, A, S, D keys to control the cannon. F to fire. 

==Weapon Controls== 

Click to make ready. 
F to present. 
Click again to fire. 
Press B to attach bayonet on certain guns. 
Press X to go into bayonet mode. 
Press Q to aim down sights.


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