Please DO NOT use this as a way to find who is winning in the event! This game gets the counters from badges, however, badge counts may be inaccurate as some games still make some badges obtainable even when the event ends!

NOTE: For new servers, it may take 1-5 minutes to load data for each game.

A place that counts how many badges you have, displays the games you've not done yet and how to do them, and a live counter for each team!

Note that the Live Metaverse Champions Counter counts badges, and some badges may be still obtainable after a week ends, despite it awarding nothing once the week ends.

inspired by rdite's flex your age and the regular hub

this hub was not made by Roblox!!

I created a module that returns a table of Badge Ids for each Champion for each week, will be updating it as weeks progress:

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