⚔️ Welcome to Brawl Legends! ⚔️
💰 Gain coins to buy more swords & DNAs! 🧬
💪 Train your body to become the strongest! 💢
⛳ Capture flags and become king of the hill! 👑
🌎 Unlock islands & skills! 💪 
🎈 Join the group to get a Ruby Kitten pet, group chest, chat tag, & more! 💎

- Event shop
- Fireworks boosts
- Fireworks leaderboard
- New boss in the event area
- Added safezone into event area

🌟 Premium Benefits:
 - +1 Pet Equip Slot
 - +25 Pet Storage Slots
 - Exclusive Chat Tag

👍 Make sure to like & favorite the game! Join our community server for special rewards in-game! 💬

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