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👮‍♂️ The SWAT Academy is given to you to either overthrow, train and lead, or to have a role in the academy. Choose your own destiny! We wish you luck on your adventure at the SWAT Academy.

⭐ By joining the group, you can claim your role in the game:

👮‍♂️ What are you waiting for? Lead SWAT teams and recieve a FREE MACHINE GUN NOW!

- 💸 Conquer the academy as raiders in order to GAIN POWER!
- 🚔 As you advance through SWAT's ranks, you'll eventually host training and lead your own team!
- 🏙️ Roleplay in the only SWAT academy on ROBLOX.

Tags: Police Department, NYPD, SWAT, Police, Cops Robbers, Rob, Guns, Agent, Lab, Scientist, County Police, Drive, Cars, Police Chase, Guns 


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