Welcome to ZO ぞ, a Samurai fighting game where you face opponents through fierce combat! Explore the map to find new weapons, fighting arenas, secrets, and more! 

🗡️ Choose your favorite Samurai weapon
👊 Engage in intense melee combat
⚔️ Master the art of the blade
🗺️ Explore the secret Samurai world in the mountains of Japan
🤝 Join a clan and top the multiplayer leaderboard
✨ Collect limited weapon skins

Do you have what it takes to collect the most souls, and become the ultimate Samurai warrior?

Latest Update - March 1st:
🔎 Easter Eggs
☠️ NEW Conquerors Crate

❗Hear about new updates by pressing NOTIFY. On phone or tablet? Tap the 🔔!
❤️ NEW CODE releasing at 700K Likes! ❤️ 

CTRL - Shiftlock ┃ SHIFT - Sprint (Unequipped)
LMB - Attack ┃ RMB - Block
R - Dash ┃ F - Kick (Guard Break)
T - Taunt ┃ Q - Emote
LMB then RMB to Feint

Tags: Samurai, Fighting, PVP, Japan, Combat, Anime, Katana


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