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🔥🔥 NEW!! Commodore VL Turbo
🔥🔥🔥 WARBIRD!!! IS HERE!! => Rockynats Location

🔥 Rockynats  Location NEW - Multiplayer Street Parade
🚗 Legendary Car Pack  S1CKO 🚗 KRANKY 🚗 PINKY

FREE Cars 🔥🚗 VC& VH Commodore & XE Ford Falcon 

🔥🔥Social Drags

🔥 SKID Aussie Cars 🚗 HQ Sandman Ute, VZ Monaro  & 71 Monaro GTS Also LX Torana
🔥 Choose Driver or Spectate in top Burnout locations around the world
🔥 Range of cars to skid, pop them tires but don’t hit the wall, pass through the rounds

TIP: Some cars have a Line Locker, Press "L" on the keyboard or for mobile tap the Line Lock button for full on professional skids!!

TIP: Each car and location is different, learn how they skid and how to hook 'em up and smoke'em up!

TIP: Press "M" on the keyboard or for mobile tap the "Transmission" button to change to manual gears to control your skids.

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