School system now added. WOOOOOOOO!!!
- Also: Time Manipulation buff, arbiter nerf

NPCs temporarily average power levels equal to those of normal ability rolls, meaning more rare NPCs and more money.

cheating in any form will get you banned. this includes anti-afk scripts

note: king and jack get boosted income based on the number of players

- :mute, :unmute
- VIP SERVER OWNERS ONLY: "permadeath on/off" - makes the server a permadeath server. dead players cannot rejoin.

- Power: Determines the damage of all your attacks.
- Trick: Increases the multiplier of your ability skills, which determines the damage they deal. (or represents the power of your abilities)
- Defense: Reduces damage you take
- Recovery: How much you can heal
- Speed: How quickly you are able to move and punch

animations by end

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